About 8sens

Our ambition

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of what we do. With our extensive experience, we are perfectly placed to provide the solutions to your business' needs. We work closely with you to deliver the very best business management solution available.

Why choose 8sens?

We have an experienced team from a wide variety of backgrounds, giving us the expertise and know-how we need to deliver solutions to a broad spectrum of similar yet diverse requirements. We understand that businesses have a constant need to import and export data in many different formats. The 8sens project was born out of this understanding. Our solutions are based on a simple principle: a secure database, accessible round the clock, in which businesses can store all of their information. We have developed a series of software applications based around this database, enabling businesses to access the information they need and update their assets on an ongoing basis.

What we do

8sens is a French company that has developed a Mac and Windows based ERP* solution. Our software solution comprises Accounting, Business Management and CRM modules, all of which are linked to a single database. The company launched its first software products in 2005. Our solutions are primarily developed for Apple platforms (compatible with the latest version of the Apple operating system, OS X 10.8). They are also compatible with Windows platforms (up to and including Windows 7 and 8). We work with SMEs with one to several hundred users. Our solutions are available in several languages and we are able to handle a high volume of requests.

Our founders

Our founders set up 8sens after gaining extensive experience in the creation, development and deployment of other management and accounting solutions (such as Maestria, Sage and Météor). Many of our customers were left out in the cold when Sage took over Météor and naturally turned to us to develop a new ERP based on the Mac and Windows platforms. We therefore decided to pool our expertise and experience and develop one of the few all-in-one solutions compatible with Mac and Windows. The company's directors have combined experience of some 50 years in the accounting and business management sector.

We decided to set up 8sens after realising that many existing solutions were insufficient or lacking in certain areas. In developing our solutions, we paid particular attention to information reporting and layout. Our unique information presentation concept delivers genuine added value in terms of both productivity and efficiency. Technical details:

Solution architecture:

Our solutions use the SQL Anywhere database engine, which has native compatibility with Mac OSX and Windows. Our ERP is designed to be database-independent, and is therefore compatible with other types of database. We offer a range of different add-on tools for interfacing 8sens with e-commerce solutions (such as Magento and Prestashop) or for communicating with other web-based or remote databases (e.g. delivery platforms).

Maximum security:

We are fully aware of the importance of keeping your information secure, and our solutions include a range of data protection features. The database may only be accessed by authorised users, requiring username and password login. Specific permissions can be assigned to different user groups (User, Verifier, etc.), covering all functions and all menus. Each group can also be assigned specific permissions for all database fields (View, Edit, Print, Export, Import).


8sens is a window-based interface organised by data type, and featuring several data search methods, list views and detailed sheet views. Users can access as many different data views as required, only displaying the exact data that the user has selected (provided, of course, that the user has permission to view these data). Each view is designed with a particular task in mind, such as data input, data analysis, etc.

Global reach:

With 8sens, all terms in the program can be translated into the user's language. This means that two users working on the same database in two different countries will see the same data, via an interface in their respective languages. The text labels can also be customised, in each language, to more closely match the company's sector-specific terminology. We have also included the option to customise various features and structures within the program to meet country-specific requirements, such as the layout of charts of accounts, tax calculation methods, etc.