8sens Business Management


8sens Business Management

From simple quote and invoice generation to complex, multi-layered process implementation,
business management is a cornerstone of your organisation and a key vector of your company's image.
Available in the following versions: Intermediate and Advanced.

  • Sales management
  • Purchasing management
  • Inventory management


8sens GES (Business Management) is currently available in the following versions: Intermediate and Advanced.
The common features of both versions are listed below.

Sales management

• Customer management (surname, first name, telephone, e-mail, etc.)

• Product management (parts lists, packaging, postage, etc.)

• Sales representative management

• Sales documentation management (quotes, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, etc.)

• Price list management

• Statistics (customers, products, turnover, margin, range, group, category, representative, etc.)

• Payment method management

• Advanced sales documentation customisation (quotes, invoices, etc.)

• Tax management

• Unpaid customer invoice overview

• Simplified document management

Purchasing management

• Supplier database management (surname, first name, telephone, e-mail, etc.)

• Supplier reference management

• Purchasing documentation management (purchase requests, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices)

• Supplier price list management

• Statistics (suppliers, products, turnover, margin, range, group, category, etc.)

• Purchasing documentation customisation (purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.)

• Expense management

• Overview of open orders and unpaid invoices

Inventory management

• Multi-warehouse management

• Itemised inventory management (transfer, incoming/outgoing goods)

• Inventory movement overview => effective monitoring

• Automatic calculation of procurement needs

• Stock-take management (by date, by value)


• Group-based user management

• Advanced permissions management (field by field)

• Custom field management (customers, products, etc.)

• Currency management

• Remote connections

The additional features available in the Advanced version are listed below

• Multi-site management

• Batch number and use-by date management

• Serial number management

• Advanced Sales workflow configuration

• Expense management

• Advanced Purchasing workflow configuration

• Production order management

• Warehouse type management (reservation, after-sales, customer, secondary)

• Obligation management by group (field by field)

• Automatic import/export (interface with website or other)

• Language management (English, Spanish, site language, etc.)

• Language-specific descriptor management

• Single workstation

  • Local database with no network connection. (Single user)

• Network solution

  • Database hosted on a dedicated machine with "multi-user" connection (Local or Remote Network)

• Mac Os

  • Compatible the latest versions of Mac OSX (10.7, 10.8, 10.9)

• Windows

  • Compatible with the latest Windows operating systems (seven, 8, 10)

• Multi-OS network

  • A database installed on a Mac or PC server can be accessed from either a Mac or PC workstation.

• Minimum system requirements

  • Client workstation
  • MAC :
  • Intel with OS version 10.7 (minimum), 10.8 or 10.9
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Windows :
  • XP, Vista, Seven, 8
  • 2GB of RAM (minimum)
  • --------------------------------------------
  • Single workstation
  • Mac: 7 GB of free disk space
  • Windows: 7 GB of free disk space
  • --------------------------------------------
  • Network
  • Dedicated or non-dedicated server (no other SQL server)
  • 100 GB of free disk space
  • Mac: Dedicated session
  • --------------------------------------------
In a multi-workstation configuration, 8sens enables multiple client workstations to connect to the same server simultaneously and work on the same data, at the same time.

Once our sales team has analysed your requirements and identified the appropriate solution, 8sens will send you a download link to an evaluation version of the software.

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